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The discussion about the climate is hotter than ever. Many people try to choose climate-smart alternatives when they shop and this affects our consumption in terms of food, vehicles and other choices.


Funds with low climate impact

funds with low climate

Which funds you put your money into can make a big difference to our planet. It is important to invest the savings in funds or shares with companies that have a low climate impact. Many people choose to invest their money in fossil fuels and fossil fuels. It is not good for the environment.

The more people who choose to invest their money in funds and companies that make an active choice for the climate, the more companies will devote to this. Companies always target their products where demand exists, and there is a great demand for, for example, fossil-free alternatives, so more fossil-free alternatives will be created. You can therefore do a good deed for the climate and make money along the way.


Does the value increase as much as regular funds?

Does the value increase as much as regular funds?

Returns can be just as high or even higher by funds that have climate-smart companies behind them. It is common to believe that so-called “nice funds” are not as lucrative, but this is not true. The climate is really a big issue for everyone, and not least for the big companies. This has meant that many large companies have chosen to take drastic measures to reduce their climate impact.

A climate-smart company does not have to be a company that deals with the environment in that way, it is simply a company that takes its responsibility and does everything they can. Maybe it is carbon dioxide compensation, that they no longer have any disposable plastic or that all the energy they use comes from renewable sources.


Find facts or help

Find facts or help

Investing in equities and mutual funds is not always easy. Funds are usually an easier alternative than equities. To be really good, it takes a lot of commitment. Therefore, it may be easier to get help from someone who can invest your money smartly. However, services like these will not be free, but it will usually be a part of your profit that you have to pay for the help. If you do not have the time or desire to put yourself in, then this can still be a good alternative as it is money that you would not otherwise have earned.

If you have some time left, there is a lot of information to read on the web and in various forums. There are many tips you can take from knowledgeable people who share their experiences and theses about the future. There are many blogs to read that are written by people with years of experience in finance. However, it must be critical. Who is blogging and what does the person gain from writing about it?

You can also look at different trends and what the market looks like right now. The curves say a lot about how things have gone but it shows very little about how things will go. If you buy when a stock or fund goes down, there may be a turnaround that causes the fund to rise again. Then it is very good for anyone who has bought the stock at a low price.

You would like to invest in equities and mutual funds that are moving upwards, but this also means higher prices. It is a trade-off how you want to do, and it can help you to put in a little extra, although there are never any guarantees how it will go.


Save money and the environment

Save money and the environment

You can do more for the climate than choosing climate-smart savings. If you have a house or car, you can choose climate-smart solutions.

Many car manufacturers offer environmental cars. These can be both cheaper to operate than your previous car and save on the environment.

If you also have a house or condominium, you can easily upgrade things in the housing to climate-smart solutions with simple means. It can be as simple as replacing a heat source for the winter, adding solar panels or replacing windows to save both heating costs and help the environment.

To finance the upgrade of a car or a renovation, you can apply for a loan. There are many different loans to choose from. If you are going to buy a new car, many lenders offer a car loan. If you need to renovate, you can sometimes increase the mortgage as the value of the house usually increases with these renovations.

If none of these loans are an option, you have the private loan. With a private loan you can easily apply for up to $ 600,000. You borrow unsecured which means you can use the money for whatever you want.

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